Bladefree (femtosecond) Laser Cataract Surgery – LenSx

Experience tomorrow's technology today

imgnormaleye_large1Rohit Eye Hospital & Child Care Centre is the first eye hospital in Central India to introduce LenSx. LenSx is a state of art Cataract Laser technology providing advanced option for cataract patients. The LenSx is a Bladeless computer controlled laser procedure That ensures surgical incisions of highest precision to individual eye specification. LenSx brings Femtosecond precision to capsulotomy, lens fragmentation & corneal incision, the three major steps of cataract surgery. The smarter, better & faster performance of LenSx reduces the dependency on human skills. It is both quicker & gentle for the patient’s eye, meaning a rapid recovery & a more comfortable post operative period.

Why LenSx® for Cataract Surgery
  • Robotic precision with Laser technology
  • Completely BLADELESS and painless
  • High precision & safety
  • Upto 10 times more accurate than manual cataract surgery
  • US FDA approved technology
  • Ensures predictable outcome every time
How does LenSx® work

imgnormaleye_large1The LenSx technology for the Cataract Surgery is the latest & most advanced procedure available today. The LenSx is a bladeless, computer controlled LASER that ensures highest precision surgical steps to the individual eye specification. Automation of the most important steps of Incision, Capsulotomy & Lens Fragmentation by LenSx has greatly improved post surgical outcomes. The capsulotomies are of precise diameter & well centered. The various Lens Fragmentation techniques are least traumatic to the eye & the Corneal Incisions are of most accurate size & depth.

Comparison Blade vs No Blade