Bladefree (femtosecond) LASIK Laser Surgery

LASIK is a surgical procedure that uses laser beam to gently reshape the cornea for accurate focusing of images on the retina. Aim of LASIK is to optimizing unaided vision for distance. The presbyopic age group will require glasses for all kind of near work & reading.In this procedure microkeratome is used to create a corneal flap, the flap is then lifted and reshaping of the cornea is done with Laser. In Femto LASIK the flap is created with femto laser. Patients over 18 years of age with spectacle  prescription in the past one year and no other eye problem can undergo LASIK / Bladefree LASIK procedure.
What Are Refractive Errors?

A refractive error is a common eye disorder which is observed very often. It occurs when the eye cannot clearly focus the images from the outside world on retina. The result of refractive errors is blurred vision, which is sometimes so severe that it causes visual impairment. This can not be prevented but can be diagnosed and treated.

Different types of Refractive errors?
What is LASIK?
LASIK Procedure
Benefits of LASIK?
What is Bladeless LASIK?
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Do you wear?

 Glasses Contact Lenses

At what age did you start wearing glasses & contact lenses?

Has your prescription changed in the last two years?

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Do you do any of the following activities?

 Contact Sports Martial Arts Water sports 4) Other adventure sports

Do you have any of the following eye conditions?

 Glaucoma Cataract Retinal Detachment Macular degeneration Keratoconus or other corneal thinning disorder Dry eyes