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What is cornea?
What is corneal blindness?
What is corneal transplantation?
Who can be a donor?
What are benefits of eye donation?
  • Eyes can be donated only after death.
  • There is no disfigurement of body after eye donation.
  • No religion is against eye donation.
  • Eyes are removed by a registered medical practitioner with in 4- 6 hrs of death.
  • Donor & recipient identities are strictly confidential.
  • Any person regardless of age, sex can donate eyes.
  • Patients with diabetes, hypertension , heart problems can also donate.
  • Blood (about 10 ml) will also be drawn to test for certain communicable diseases.
  • Eyes cannot be bought or sold.
Points to remember by the family
  • Close the eyelids of the deceased & switch off the fan.
  • Raise the head end.
  • Contact the nearest eye bank at the earliest.
  • Preferable to have a death certificate of the deceased.
  • Written consent of immediate family is must for donation.


Our hospital is associated with MK International eye bank Indore since 2010. It is also recognized under human organ transplantation act 1994.