Phakic Intraocular Lens IPCL

Phakic intraocular lenses (PIOLs) are clear implantable lenses that are surgically placed either in anterior chamber (AC) or posterior chamber (PC) without removing the natural lens, enabling light to focus on the retina for improved uncorrected visual acuity.PIOLs demonstrate high optical quality and potential gain in visual acuity in myopic patients due to retinal magnification.Correction is not limited by corneal thickness or topography; faster visual recovery and stable refraction are expected. As a reversible refractive procedure that preserves accommodative function, PIOL implantation is attractive to both patients and refractive surgeons.



The principal indication for PIOLs is correction of myopia or myopic astigmatism beyond the range of laser vision correction


it can be used to correct myopia and compound myopic astigmatism in eyes with keratoconus (KCN), which has been stable for 2 years. PIOL implantation is a suitable refractive surgical option for stable KCN. It may be especially indicated for the management of high ametropia and Toric PIOL implantation is beneficial according to measures of safety, efficacy, predictability and stability for KCN. The refractive stability suggests viability of the procedure as a surgical option.

Single piece, foldable, posterior chamber phakic IOL
Reinforced hybrid acrylic material (no porcine collamer)
Inserted through 2.8 mm incision




Lens customised according to shape and size of each eye
Available as IPCL, IPCL Toric and IPCL Presbyopic – any customisation is possible



Six haptic pads ensure stability in ciliary sulcus
All edges have radius to avoid constant trauma
No central hole for aqueous humour circulation
4 holes in optic-haptic vaults, 2 holes at optical zone margin (placed superiorly)
Angled optic-haptic vault



No corneal tissue removed
Widest range of customised solutions for refractive errors and
astigmatism (Toric IPCL)
Reversible – can be removed and / or replaced
Aberration neutral optics – uncompromised contrast sensitivity
Excellent visual acuity