Color Blindness - Reasons Types Treatment And Much More
Color Blindness - Reasons Types Treatment And Much More

Color blindness is a visual impairment that prevents the affected person from perceiving or
distinguishing between some colours the way the rest of the population does. It's a hereditary
condition that causes problems with the genes that regulate colour vision. Around 8% of males
and 0.5% of women are estimated to be affected by this condition worldwide.

Reasons for Color Blindness

The X chromosome carries the genes for colour vision, and their malfunction is the root cause of
color blindness. Since women have two X chromosomes while men only have one, men are
more likely to be affected by colour blindness. The majority of cases of color blindness are the
result of a genetic defect passed down via families. The eyes or the brain can be damaged,
causing colour blindness. Cataracts, an age-related condition, can also cause a decline in color
vision (cloudy areas in the eye's lens). However, it can also be contracted from chemical

Types of Color Blindness

The three most common forms of color blindness are protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia.

● Protanopia: Protanopia is a form of colour blindness in which the affected person has
trouble distinguishing shades of red. Those affected with this form of colour blindness
have difficulty discriminating between shades of red, orange, and yellow.

● Deuteranopia: Deuteranopia is a form of colour blindness in which the affected person
has trouble distinguishing between shades of green. Those affected by this form of
colour blindness have difficulty telling green and red apart.

● Tritanopia: Tritanopia is a form of colour blindness in which a person has trouble
correctly perceiving blue colors. Those affected by this form of colour blindness have
trouble discriminating between blue and green.

Treatment for Color Blindness

Colorblindness is a genetic disorder for which there is currently no treatment. Yet, there are
methods to improve colour perception for those who are color blind. Special lenses that block
out particular wavelengths of light and improve colour vision are one such treatment option.

Those affected by colour blindness also have alternative options, including using special
software that modifies the hues and saturations of their computer screen to improve readability.

Living with Color Blindness

Everyday activities like driving and clothes shopping might be strenuous for someone who is
color blind. Also, those who are color blind may be treated differently if they try to enter a field
where an accurate understanding of color is essential, such as graphic design or electrical wiring. One's ability to complete tasks or advance in one's job may not be impacted by color
blindness, but this is something to keep in mind.

Furthermore, certain occupations, like pilots, often undergo color vision exams to verify their
employees' sufficient color perception. Unfortunately, the accuracy of these tests varies widely,
potentially leading to the discriminatory exclusion of those who are color blind from specific

Color blindness, in a nutshell, is an inherited disorder that prevents affected individuals from
accurately perceiving colors. It's more frequent in men than women and stems from a flaw in the
genes that regulate color vision. While there is currently no way to correct color blindness
permanently, there are therapies that can help those who suffer from it live more independently.

Those who are color blind can live successful lives and achieve professional success with the
help of accommodations.

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